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A Little About Little Fat Bird

Little Fat Bird was created with my desire to paint often, bring my wares to the public and hopefully sell some of them along the way! The name is inspired by my love for chickadees which in my opinion are the littlest, fattest and cutest of all birds! I even have one tattooed on my arm!

Once opened, the Little Fat Bird Etsy shop is where you will be able to browse through prints available for purchase. Please contact me if you see something in my portfolio that isn’t available as a print and you’d like it to be. I am also available for commission work.

A Little About Me

I am Rozy Seitz and I live in Calgary, Alberta with my boyfriend Kelsey, and our hedgehog Peeve. I was born in Alberta but moved overseas to The Netherlands where I completed high school and found my passion for photography, drawing and painting. After graduation I moved to Belleville, Ontario to study photojournalism. Following my two year diploma I studied creative photography for a year in Toronto and then ventured into the working world as a photo editor. A couple years later I decided to move back to Alberta (nearly 10 years to the day I moved oversees) to be with Kelsey. I am now pursuing any and all creative, crafty, artsy projects that cross my mind!

I also have a portfolio of my photography!

I hold all copyright to all images displayed on as well as the images on the Etsy shop. Feel free to link or share any of the artwork but only with a source to

Thank you for your interest in Little Fat Bird and I hope to hear from you soon!